INSEAD – Business School For The World

Wondering whats all dis abt ?? So let me just begin abt INSEAD ..

Was just surfing through the WWW thinking abt what to do after 2 or 3 yrs of my job with TCS .. Just came through this 50 yr old institute located in France and Singapore .. In – see – ad (as it is phonetically pronounced ) was ranked as 1 of the top B schools around the world ..

I thought whats so special about INSEAD .. So just gave a search in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .. And I was dumb struck with what i found ..

For eg : INSEAD’s motto is “The Business School for the World” which is something very new and i heard this for the 1st time ..

Another thing that made my jaws drop was its Alumni .. I mean it was unbelievable that most of today’s CEO’s and a number of Chairman’s were Alumna’s of INSEAD .. Look @ the following names

Peter Job, Former CEO, Reuters
Simon J Critchell, CEO, Dunhill
Lindsay Owen-Jones, Chairman, L’Oreal
Michael van Swaaij, CEO, Skype
Mike Salmi, President, MTV
Michael Obermayer, Managing Director, World Economic Forum
Birger Steen, CEO, Microsoft Russia
Heinz-Joachim Neubürger, Managing Director, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co
Johannes Feldmayer, Member Managing Board, Siemens AG
B Muthuraman, Managing Director, Tata Steel
Barbara Kux, Chief Procurement Officer, Phillips
Charles Watson, President, Shell EMEA and South Asia

Most of us wouldn’t know a majority of the above people ( tat includes me too ), but almost all of us would surely be knowing the power houses that these people belong to .. I mean Tata , MS , Philips n Siemens , L’Oreal , Reuters …. It goes on n on n on …. These are just a few names in that list ..

So if u have that CEO or the chair material in u , go join INSEAD although it might be a little heavy on ur pockets, after seeing the names in the list, u might be tempted to read more abt tat school ..

For more details on INSEAD go to :


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